Friday, August 5, 2011

When Captain America throws his mighty shield...

When Captain America throws his mighty shield...That was the theme song I used to hear when I watch the cartoon version of Captain America. To be honest I was a bit skeptical about this feature film adaptation, I had set my expectations low. I just wanted pure action from this movie so that it would not disappoint but after watching the first few minutes of the movie I was sold on the story.

Before you read further be aware of spoilers. Captain America started as a scrawny little man who wants a shot at the Nazis. His reasons were not the same as everyone else's. He wanted to stop the bullies, not kill them. He kept on trying and trying under different names and different locations to enter the army but no one ever game him a chance. Till a doctor with a crazy scheme gave him one because he had the right attitude and outlook.

The super soldier serum enhanced not only his build and powers but also the traits he already had. There he was, Steve Rogers, scrawny kid who was always picked on---now he became Captain America. Big muscles, uncanny strength but most importantly his heart and mind were in the right place. It sounds cheesy but hey it actually makes sense. You can't be on extreme ends all the time there has to be a balance to make things work.

You can also say that if someone was given the right opportunity to prove himself or herself, they can actually become somebody no matter what their shortcomings are. Just give a person a chance, it can lead to success or failure that is up to him. The little guy Steve Rogers was given a chance, despite some shortcomings when he became Captain America, he still proved himself worthy. He didn't do it by himself, he had lots of help.

The movie wasn't short on action either. It had the usual blockbuster appeal that blew things up and kicked some ass. The costume was cool, it wasn't tights (that was a relief). The shield throwing would make any comic fan drool. The Red Skull (portrayed by Hugo Weaving) was just crazy, this guy has a penchant for playing bad guy roles very well.

Whatever you do watch until the end credits to watch the Avengers trailer. It is pure awesome!

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