Sunday, August 28, 2011

I like my dents old and rusty

In most cases the sequel almost always falls short of the standards of the first movie. So when I first heard about the sequel to Cars (which I believe is the weakest in Pixar's stable of animated movies), hereee we go againnnnn.


I still went and watched the movie with my little sisters and mom because it was still Pixar and I liked all of the movies from their studio. The movie focused on one of the most obscure characters in the first movie, Mater. Mater is the rustic and rusty trailer truck. The movie revolves entirely around Mater which might not be a good thing for some moviegoers.


Mater is well kind of the odd man out in the movie even in the first one because of his very rustic demeanor. The movie kicks off promisingly and straight to the action. Mater starts to argue with another racecar on the telephone because he is bad mouthing Lightning McQueen. Then he challenges challenges the Italian racecar on his behalf on live television but McQueen (Owen Wilson) still agreed on the race.

The movie hinted on a world issue which is the use of fossil fuels. The car who arranged the world racecar derby wanted to use all natural fuel for the race. The head honcho of a high profile oil company wanted to stop using fossil fuel and use alternative energy instead (way to go for inserting a cause in kid's movies).

Racing along...

The movie focused on Mater and how he turned into an agent that saved the world and exposed an evil scheme. I seriously don't know why the movie took so much flak for being dubbed as the worst of Pixar's movies. I found it had a lot of heart and comedy for kids and grown ups alike. Maybe the thought of Mater as a lead character made them cringe but I thought it was consistent with the whole theme of the movie which is being yourself wherever you are.

I think it shows that there s more to someone than meets the eye and it is not important what you are or where you came from if you were given the opportunity to be something great you can achieve it. That you matter no matter how insignificant you think you are, no expectations means better results.

I especially liked the line about the dents maybe we shouldn't be afraid of the dents we all ready have.

I like the movie do you?

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