Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Lives of Others

I watched an interesting German movie called The Lives of Others:

The Lives of Others

It was about a military officer who was notorious for catching dissident citizens in Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The interrogator was so damn good at what he did the people he investigated always cracked when he talked to them. There was no torture---just insane interrogation and eyes everywhere big brother kind of thing.

Anyway moving along...The government controlled everything even what the artists were doing. Then one artist commits suicide which has a profound effect on one artist. This artist (the good guy) decided to write about the number of suicides happening that were never reported. This topic was taboo because it was a knock against the government. Then the toughest interrogator was tasked to find out if the artist was doing anything wrong. So he wired his house and listened to his every move.

But as he listened to his life he knew this guy was fighting for something much more. So what he did was lie to his superior. I won't divulge anymore of the story it is better and more rewarding if you watch the movie.

I'll give this movie two thumbs up! 

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