Sunday, August 28, 2011

I like my dents old and rusty

In most cases the sequel almost always falls short of the standards of the first movie. So when I first heard about the sequel to Cars (which I believe is the weakest in Pixar's stable of animated movies), hereee we go againnnnn.


I still went and watched the movie with my little sisters and mom because it was still Pixar and I liked all of the movies from their studio. The movie focused on one of the most obscure characters in the first movie, Mater. Mater is the rustic and rusty trailer truck. The movie revolves entirely around Mater which might not be a good thing for some moviegoers.


Mater is well kind of the odd man out in the movie even in the first one because of his very rustic demeanor. The movie kicks off promisingly and straight to the action. Mater starts to argue with another racecar on the telephone because he is bad mouthing Lightning McQueen. Then he challenges challenges the Italian racecar on his behalf on live television but McQueen (Owen Wilson) still agreed on the race.

The movie hinted on a world issue which is the use of fossil fuels. The car who arranged the world racecar derby wanted to use all natural fuel for the race. The head honcho of a high profile oil company wanted to stop using fossil fuel and use alternative energy instead (way to go for inserting a cause in kid's movies).

Racing along...

The movie focused on Mater and how he turned into an agent that saved the world and exposed an evil scheme. I seriously don't know why the movie took so much flak for being dubbed as the worst of Pixar's movies. I found it had a lot of heart and comedy for kids and grown ups alike. Maybe the thought of Mater as a lead character made them cringe but I thought it was consistent with the whole theme of the movie which is being yourself wherever you are.

I think it shows that there s more to someone than meets the eye and it is not important what you are or where you came from if you were given the opportunity to be something great you can achieve it. That you matter no matter how insignificant you think you are, no expectations means better results.

I especially liked the line about the dents maybe we shouldn't be afraid of the dents we all ready have.

I like the movie do you?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It suddenly occurred to me to write about cars...

I'm not really a big fan of cars (nor an expert for that matter) but I do admire beautiful design and magnificent engineering.

Bugatti is one of the fastest cars on Earth and it looks like a sweet ride too:


And here's another sweet looking ride, an Aston Martin design perfection and engineering from outer space:

Aston Martin

I may not own these cars in the future but their still nice to look at hehe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Once in a while you run into a book that catches you off guard. One of the books that caught my attention was Tinkers by Paul Harding.

Tinkers by Paul Harding

Tinkers is a special book that was written beautifully. The prose just fluttered in your ears with a distinct sound that is like poetry. Its obscure size and all white design is easy to miss but once you start reading you will be captured by the writing style and imagination of Paul Harding. He is a new writer with his first published book. The book was passed by several major publishing houses before Bellevue decided to publish the book with a limited number of copies. As it turned out the book was good enough to bag a Pulitzer Prize which it deserved.


The story is a parallel between father and son that were on their deathbeds and had a serious illness at the later parts of their life. The book started with Howard Crosby and his son George Washington Crosby. The book takes you on a ride with a multitude of memories of both men that are intertwined into one story. Although the book was non-linear the fragments of memories put the whole piece together. There is a touch of humanity that is at the heart of the book. I especially liked the way the author mixed the story of how clocks were formed and even how to make a nest. It somehow makes you feel that he was trying to say something more about the life of the two men and nature.

Nature was an integral part of the story and how small man can be at times with nature's regal presence. The story moved from one perspective to another but somehow you feel that it is the same person but the main difference is that they are in two different points in time. The life of Howard and George are told in a pastiche of time segments.

I won't divulge any further you have to judge the book yourself to find out.

4 out of 5 stars for Tinkers by Paul Harding

Thursday, August 18, 2011

For The Literary Peeps Out There

For the poetry lovers out there here is a published piece of mine from the Front Porch Review:

Parts of a Whole

I see these glass shards scattered on the floor. Little pieces
of light crystallized on that glassy ember. I hear my mother saying
after she heard the glass burst, "Pick up the bigger pieces
and separate them from the smaller ones, it’s easier to
dispose of them that way." I remember my father and
the way he would drink his way to sobriety. I used to love
that man my mother would say, whatever happened to him?
Like he was some piece of paper written and re-written again.
I pick up the pieces and see my reflection. The brown eyes, the small ears,
the pointy nose, and that shattered face. I would hear my younger sibling
calling out my name. "Brother, brother, look I'm almost finished
with my puzzle. I need just one more piece." I see the shards
of glass on my hands, I pick up the missing piece lying
on the floor.

You can click the link below the title for the site.

3 Idiots

I saw this movie called 3 Idiots:

3 Idiots


Moving along...the movie is about three idiots (insert sarcastic symbolism here) who went to a school for idiots (ahem engineering school). The protagonist's name was Ranchodas, rancho for short. He was roommates with two other idiots. They had a school director called Virus and the guy-who-like-to-kiss-ass-because-he-wants-to-get-high-grades-person-we-all-know-and-love.

The movie runs by this mantra "wisdom is knowing the exceptions to the rules." If you understand what that means then you know how to make ice cream with no ice and no cream.

Moving along...The movie is kinda sorta similar to Good Will Hunting but as a personal preference I liked Good Will Hunting more. This movie had the staple of Indian song and dance mixed with emotional highs and lows. It was intelligently made with a lot of heart.

It dealt with two kinds of learning. The memorize learning and the joy and wonder of learning because you love to learn. At the heart of it all is creation. There are several ways to look at the movie and thaw out a perspective but at the end of the day its just parts of a whole.

I would definitely give this movie a two thumbs up, it is a must see!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Lives of Others

I watched an interesting German movie called The Lives of Others:

The Lives of Others

It was about a military officer who was notorious for catching dissident citizens in Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The interrogator was so damn good at what he did the people he investigated always cracked when he talked to them. There was no torture---just insane interrogation and eyes everywhere big brother kind of thing.

Anyway moving along...The government controlled everything even what the artists were doing. Then one artist commits suicide which has a profound effect on one artist. This artist (the good guy) decided to write about the number of suicides happening that were never reported. This topic was taboo because it was a knock against the government. Then the toughest interrogator was tasked to find out if the artist was doing anything wrong. So he wired his house and listened to his every move.

But as he listened to his life he knew this guy was fighting for something much more. So what he did was lie to his superior. I won't divulge anymore of the story it is better and more rewarding if you watch the movie.

I'll give this movie two thumbs up! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011


I've read a book about success. It was Malcolm Gladwell's book 'Outliers'

This book is interesting because it points out details that can make or break a person's life in general. Just because you met this particular person, you were born on a particular year, you were in a specific community that had this specific machine or building or whatever minute detail such as the year you were born. The book opens a new perspective on how success is perceived. We thought that successful people had just talent or had money or had connections or whatever that they have going for them. That the individual was the only indicator of his or her own success.

But little did we know that there is more to success than just individual effort. It is the combination of all these little details that converge and peak at the right time. There is this cliche that says that a person is made through nature and nurture. A cliche is cliched for a reason.

The book states that a person much reach the ten thousand hour threshold in order to become a master of their art. That's close to 8 hours a day for around four to five years on a consistent basis. But the trick is there is also a certain point in time wherein you have to hit this threshold to make it big. Its a convergence of a lot of small details to work in order for you to achieve ultimate success.

And the environment you live in must make it possible for you to focus all of your efforts to achieve the ten thousand hour threshold. The people around you also play a very crucial role they must make compromises so that a successful person can just keep their mind on a particular career and avoid unnecessary distractions. It can be in the form of relationships, poverty, bills to pay or whatever. A successful person must also have the right opportunities to strut their stuff. Here comes another crucial role of the people you surround yourself with. We are never alone now are we? It seems like we all need somebody in some way. An individual's success looks like a team effort based on what I understood from this book.

The examples that were laid out on the book were very compelling. Malcolm Gladwell offers great insight. This book is definitely a must read.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Push Ups Yo!

I saw a video on how push ups are done correctly:

Doing push ups can help you build muscle in your upper body because it targets big muscle groups along with the smaller muscle groups like triceps and shoulders. Most people overlook push ups because they are very basic and you can just do it at home. But little do they know that if done the right way push ups can help sculpt and strengthen your upper body. 

But exercise should be dynamic so instead of targeting just one set of muscles you should alternate your program to get the best results. 


There has been a wave of wellness scattering all over the planet. Everybody wants to exercise for one reason or another. To look great, to stay healthy, to get a hot date, to lose weight, to fly---the last one was just an exaggeration but people want to lose weight one way or another. The common misconception is to reduce or stop eating but that will not really be a long term solution because once you abruptly stop eating you are prone to binge right after which is not a good alternative.

To lose weight you should have the right balance of exercise and diet. Wellness is a lifelong practice that helps you change your lifestyle through the course of a life time. There are no quick fixes that turns you from a fat tub of lard to a sexy beast that draws attention.

With the proper exercise and diet you can start to lose weight but you must be patient because the results will come with time. You can start your exercise program with light exercises you can do at home. One can start with basic push ups and aerobic exercises that can get your body acclimated to increased activity. Once you have formed a routine you can start adjusting your program to a more rigorous training program. You can start lifting weight once you have consulted a trainer to help you with the program you want for your body.

There are different kinds of programs that cater to different needs. Set a goal for yourself regarding the body you want to attain. The training regiment is different if you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass. You can also do a quick search on the internet regarding the nutrition you need and the exercise program you need to get the body you want.Look for the program that is suited to you and the goals you want to achieve. Do the exercises the correct way in order to hit the right set of muscles and lose the pounds on the parts you want to reduce weight. 

Exercise and diet go hand in hand in order to achieve wellness. It takes time and patience to achieve the results you have always dreamed of. It takes a determined effort to reduce weight and achieve fitness goals. You can achieve all of these if you work hard and persevere. With the right mindset you can get the body you want.  

Maybe one day you'll have a body like this guy:

Double Standards

Double standards are prevalent in our society. Women are primarily victimized by this kind of mindset. You can throw in racial issues into the mix and you'd say that double standards are set in almost all accounts.

You can see double standards in full swing once you scroll down

Both have no teeth but I'm guessing you'd think that the smiling baby with no teeth is the cutest thing on Earth. Why the double standard??? Why??? *insert hysterical laughter that turns into a sarcastic silence here*


UAAP Blurbs

The UAAP season for basketball has been uneventful. The first round is about to come to a close and the team to beat is clearly the Ateneo Blue Eagles with a perfect 7-0 record. There are two things that are probably bothering the other teams. Two rookies to be precise.

The other one small

Kiefer Ravena

The other rookie extra large.

Greg Slaughter

The two rookies don't play like rookies. Especially Kiefer Ravena. He scores a lot on what I'd like to call "nakaw" points. He runs the court extremely well and gets to the basket the quickest time possible. He knows when to push and when to pull which is rare for a rookie. He picks his spots and knows when to score and how to score. We may have a rookie/MVP in our amidst.

Greg Slaughter on the other hand. is one big mother father (hehe). He's so big yo momma would be just one foot. Kidding aside, he has got so much size he would be a mismatch to whoever guards hims. He's got skill and soft hands around the basket. He can also shoot jumpers which would make him a threat on a nightly basis only if he could stay out of foul trouble.

UE has finally won a game despite being probably the weakest and youngest team among the bunch. The most disappointing so far is FEU. Despite their good record they seem to have lost the invincibility of the previous seasons.

Based on the games so far, I think the only threat to Ateneo's 4-peat is the Adamson Falcons.

Will we see two birds in the Finals? We'll find out soon enough!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Korean Food

When to this place called Silla around Timog Avenue the other day.

Silla Korean Restaurant

We had lunch their to get a taste of Korean food. Korea nowadays is famous for a lot of things from mind numbing and LSS-ing songs from Korean pop groups to soap operas to gadgets (Samsung) to cars (Hyundai) Korea seems to be everywhere. But here I am somewhere in Manila getting a taste of Korean food.

The meal started out with some appetizers mostly vegetables. Radish, sweet potatoes, and the famous Kimchi. All looks good and quite delicious. For someone who would rather eat meat, eating vegetables as the main course was quite a novelty. For people who would like to lose weight they can try eating Korean food with its green and leafy diet you can feel the pounds dropping like flies. The Kimchi was spicy like most of the Korean Kimchi out there.

If you're a cheap b****** you can afford to eat here without selling your clothes. The price range is between P150-P500.

The beef wasn't so bad either, filled with flavor. I'm not very picky when it comes to food, I eat anything that tastes good hihihihihi.

So when you want an in depth analysis accompanied with flow charts and jargon you can ask this guy or read his blog:

Anthony Bourdain

I should have been informed

Saw the news about a guy who launched his car into the deep blue seas of a Manila flooding. Here's the video:

At first it was funny not because his car floated down the flood waters but because of his reactions after his car was pushed back to safety. He kept on yelling and arguing that 'I was not informed! I was not informed!' but who really would inform him? Didn't he see that there were no cars passing through the road he was driving into?

But after a while and the public shaming he endured (a Facebook fan page that had over 30k likes in a day!) it was just down right mean to treat him that way. And further information stated that he was not even from Manila hence the lack of familiarity with our roads and the flooding. He was also rushing to his young daughter and he was probably stricken with fear when his car stopped moving and began to float in the flooded street. It was just a little too much the way he was shamed publicly and bullied in cyberspace.

We must think first before we post or make assumptions about someone on the internet.

We should have all been informed.


I read an interesting book about economics. It was not your typical economics book. The title itself draws attention. Who would've thought that a book named Freakonomics would have so much insight?

It puts a spotlight on conventional knowledge and turns it on its head. It is a unique way of looking at things for cliches, common sense, and well..everything. It is a clear eyed look by a 'rogue economist'. The book illuminates the bigger picture from flecks of small details. I guess that's how the world works, the big pieces and small pieces somehow work together. The book connects details to a much broader picture and illuminates a conclusion that leads to the right questions. Who really has answers anyway?

Its about asking the right questions and details.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Article Marketing for Dummies

I have been touched by curiosity to delve into online marketing since its the latest trend today. You can actually make more money online these days compared to the days of the 90's. This is my personal take on online marketing. Although I'm not an expert I have dabbled a bit on the topic. So here I go...

The internet has opened a lot of doors for people who want to make money online. A businessman can now cater to a specific group of people to target their products and services to make money online. It may sound easy but all things that have value will need hard work and perseverance. One of the ways to make money online is article marketing.

Article marketing is the making of content for a website, a blog, or reviews about products. In a nutshell it is writing content. But the content has to have meaning to the site or must be done well to be effective. It must have the right set of keywords to generate enough traffic and hits to your site. Once you have established the right set of keywords you can now start adding the content for your site.

You must frame the content to your target audience. You must keep in mind the interest of your intended audience. If you are passionate about what you are writing about it is much easier to write and draw traffic to your site. Use that opportunity to talk about what you are passionate about. If visitors see that you are passionate about what you are writing about it is easier to gain a following and increase your website or blog traffic.

But make sure that the content you use is relevant and written in a creative way. Use personal insights or experiences to draw an audience in and not keep them at an arm's length. You can also make money online by submitting to article directories. One such example is: Ezine Articles.

But there are several ways to make a living online. You must write a lot of content to generate huge amounts of traffic to your site. You must think of a niche market to enter and focus all of your efforts on that sector. Once you have figured out a niche you can start making targeted content for your audience. But always keep in mind that having fresh content will help increase your website traffic and keep interest high for your blog or website. 

Make your content stand out by adding multimedia and making a personal connection with your audience. Integrate human interest angles to your articles to draw in different sets of visitors. Making a deep connection with your intended audience will make a strong following and add more traffic to your site. Article marketing is an effective way to make money online.

Here is a breakdown of how it works:

Article -> Directory -> Web Traffic -> Wait for hundreds of years = Money!


<---------Even he would understand that.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another one of those movies...

Just saw The Rise of the Planet of the Apes starring James Franco and Freida Pinto. It was an ok movie. The movie was plainly about the monkeys. That was it. It was a bunch of monkeys swinging on trees. The movie could be described in this video:

If you believed that the previous video was the summary of the movie then you were probably as gullible as a five year old kid. Kidding aside the movie was intelligent although it didn't have to make a prequel it was well made. The story progressed slowly but the pacing was just right for the climax in the end. 

Spoiler alert!

The villain looks like this:

Just kidding again.

The movie revolved around a monkey who was raised by a human who took him out of a science lab. He ended up raising the monkey and found out that the monkey's mother passed on her superior genes to the monkey he took. The monkey grew up and learned a lot of things about himself. A smarter monkey meant he was more self-conscious and self-aware. There it is. The existential conundrum that conscious beings walk into. The monkey started to ask questions when confronted with things and situations that are not familiar to it. The parallels were drawn and several meanings can be concluded.

On a side note, the CGI monkeys were actually very endearing. It also shows that technology has gone a long way when it comes to animation.  

As the movie said aptly "some things aren't meant to be touched."

Friday, August 5, 2011

When Captain America throws his mighty shield...

When Captain America throws his mighty shield...That was the theme song I used to hear when I watch the cartoon version of Captain America. To be honest I was a bit skeptical about this feature film adaptation, I had set my expectations low. I just wanted pure action from this movie so that it would not disappoint but after watching the first few minutes of the movie I was sold on the story.

Before you read further be aware of spoilers. Captain America started as a scrawny little man who wants a shot at the Nazis. His reasons were not the same as everyone else's. He wanted to stop the bullies, not kill them. He kept on trying and trying under different names and different locations to enter the army but no one ever game him a chance. Till a doctor with a crazy scheme gave him one because he had the right attitude and outlook.

The super soldier serum enhanced not only his build and powers but also the traits he already had. There he was, Steve Rogers, scrawny kid who was always picked on---now he became Captain America. Big muscles, uncanny strength but most importantly his heart and mind were in the right place. It sounds cheesy but hey it actually makes sense. You can't be on extreme ends all the time there has to be a balance to make things work.

You can also say that if someone was given the right opportunity to prove himself or herself, they can actually become somebody no matter what their shortcomings are. Just give a person a chance, it can lead to success or failure that is up to him. The little guy Steve Rogers was given a chance, despite some shortcomings when he became Captain America, he still proved himself worthy. He didn't do it by himself, he had lots of help.

The movie wasn't short on action either. It had the usual blockbuster appeal that blew things up and kicked some ass. The costume was cool, it wasn't tights (that was a relief). The shield throwing would make any comic fan drool. The Red Skull (portrayed by Hugo Weaving) was just crazy, this guy has a penchant for playing bad guy roles very well.

Whatever you do watch until the end credits to watch the Avengers trailer. It is pure awesome!