Thursday, August 18, 2011

For The Literary Peeps Out There

For the poetry lovers out there here is a published piece of mine from the Front Porch Review:

Parts of a Whole

I see these glass shards scattered on the floor. Little pieces
of light crystallized on that glassy ember. I hear my mother saying
after she heard the glass burst, "Pick up the bigger pieces
and separate them from the smaller ones, it’s easier to
dispose of them that way." I remember my father and
the way he would drink his way to sobriety. I used to love
that man my mother would say, whatever happened to him?
Like he was some piece of paper written and re-written again.
I pick up the pieces and see my reflection. The brown eyes, the small ears,
the pointy nose, and that shattered face. I would hear my younger sibling
calling out my name. "Brother, brother, look I'm almost finished
with my puzzle. I need just one more piece." I see the shards
of glass on my hands, I pick up the missing piece lying
on the floor.

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