Friday, August 12, 2011


I've read a book about success. It was Malcolm Gladwell's book 'Outliers'

This book is interesting because it points out details that can make or break a person's life in general. Just because you met this particular person, you were born on a particular year, you were in a specific community that had this specific machine or building or whatever minute detail such as the year you were born. The book opens a new perspective on how success is perceived. We thought that successful people had just talent or had money or had connections or whatever that they have going for them. That the individual was the only indicator of his or her own success.

But little did we know that there is more to success than just individual effort. It is the combination of all these little details that converge and peak at the right time. There is this cliche that says that a person is made through nature and nurture. A cliche is cliched for a reason.

The book states that a person much reach the ten thousand hour threshold in order to become a master of their art. That's close to 8 hours a day for around four to five years on a consistent basis. But the trick is there is also a certain point in time wherein you have to hit this threshold to make it big. Its a convergence of a lot of small details to work in order for you to achieve ultimate success.

And the environment you live in must make it possible for you to focus all of your efforts to achieve the ten thousand hour threshold. The people around you also play a very crucial role they must make compromises so that a successful person can just keep their mind on a particular career and avoid unnecessary distractions. It can be in the form of relationships, poverty, bills to pay or whatever. A successful person must also have the right opportunities to strut their stuff. Here comes another crucial role of the people you surround yourself with. We are never alone now are we? It seems like we all need somebody in some way. An individual's success looks like a team effort based on what I understood from this book.

The examples that were laid out on the book were very compelling. Malcolm Gladwell offers great insight. This book is definitely a must read.

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