Monday, August 8, 2011

Korean Food

When to this place called Silla around Timog Avenue the other day.

Silla Korean Restaurant

We had lunch their to get a taste of Korean food. Korea nowadays is famous for a lot of things from mind numbing and LSS-ing songs from Korean pop groups to soap operas to gadgets (Samsung) to cars (Hyundai) Korea seems to be everywhere. But here I am somewhere in Manila getting a taste of Korean food.

The meal started out with some appetizers mostly vegetables. Radish, sweet potatoes, and the famous Kimchi. All looks good and quite delicious. For someone who would rather eat meat, eating vegetables as the main course was quite a novelty. For people who would like to lose weight they can try eating Korean food with its green and leafy diet you can feel the pounds dropping like flies. The Kimchi was spicy like most of the Korean Kimchi out there.

If you're a cheap b****** you can afford to eat here without selling your clothes. The price range is between P150-P500.

The beef wasn't so bad either, filled with flavor. I'm not very picky when it comes to food, I eat anything that tastes good hihihihihi.

So when you want an in depth analysis accompanied with flow charts and jargon you can ask this guy or read his blog:

Anthony Bourdain

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