Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trying Out A Cheese Steak Sandwich

I like scouring for deals it saves me money in the long-term. So I got this deal from Deal Grocer. Its from the Cheese Steak Shop. As far as I know they are the only restaurant that specifically sell cheese steaks as one of their primary food items. The deal I got was worth P399 and I got it for P180. It was this humongous 10-inch cheese steak that had spices and onions on it and lotsa cheese.


It was the first time I ate a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich but it definitely won't be the last!

Crave Burger!

Got another discount deal from Beeconomic. This time the deal I got was for Crave Burger. The Burger looked delicious and large based on the picture on the promo.

Crave Burger

It was a bit underwhelming once I started to eat this thing. It tasted like a home made burger that was overpriced. But anyway I got it on a deal so it was ok.