Monday, August 8, 2011

I should have been informed

Saw the news about a guy who launched his car into the deep blue seas of a Manila flooding. Here's the video:

At first it was funny not because his car floated down the flood waters but because of his reactions after his car was pushed back to safety. He kept on yelling and arguing that 'I was not informed! I was not informed!' but who really would inform him? Didn't he see that there were no cars passing through the road he was driving into?

But after a while and the public shaming he endured (a Facebook fan page that had over 30k likes in a day!) it was just down right mean to treat him that way. And further information stated that he was not even from Manila hence the lack of familiarity with our roads and the flooding. He was also rushing to his young daughter and he was probably stricken with fear when his car stopped moving and began to float in the flooded street. It was just a little too much the way he was shamed publicly and bullied in cyberspace.

We must think first before we post or make assumptions about someone on the internet.

We should have all been informed.

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