Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tokyo Cafe

The fam and I decided to eat at this restaurant called Tokyo Cafe in SM The Block. I capitalized on discount coupons I bought from CashCashPinoy. The coupons gave us 50% off on the meals that the restaurant pre-selected for the promo. The meals were the usual kind offered by most Japanese restaurants.


The meals without the coupon cost P250 each. The deal gave us 6 meals for the price of 3. Which was a pretty good deal by any means based on the price of the food at the restaurant. The average meal in the restaurant ranged from P130-P250. Hefty price for an OK kind of meal.



Some of the comments about the meals were that the pork was a little too salty for its own good. I ordered the chicken which was ok. I'm not exactly a food connoisseur so I'm not quite sure what to say. I'm not really a fussy eater but for 50% off I'd taste anything.

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