Saturday, July 28, 2012


Tried a different sport that looks exciting...Archery! Haven't really heard much about this sport other than Robin Hood and a few historical movies but it caught my eye when I saw a coupon from Metrodeal. The deal was P300 instead of P600 for a one hour session of archery.

My Robin Hood impression
The range we went to was called Gandiva Archery it's located near Megamall in the 7th floor of One Corporate Center. The place is open on Monday to Sunday 9AM to 6PM (I think). It was the first time I ever held a bow and arrow and felt pretty excited. I wanted to hit the bull's eye during my first few tries, but beginner's luck wasn't on my side since I didn't even hit the target area haha

Not bad eh?

Started hitting the target area after several tries.

Almost bull's eye

The best shot I had (of course I removed the errant arrows).

Not bad for a rookie archer. Archery is a fun sport to try but the equipment costs an arm and a leg. It's one expensive hobby. The starter bow costs P14,000 without any arrows and the bows for competition and advanced archers hits P30,000+++ so if you really love this sport you'll have to dole out a lot of cash. Gandiva also offers lessons for P8,000 (includes annual membership fee of P2,000) and an annual membership of P2,000. For members you only pay P350 for using the equipment and facilities. 

I think archery is one of those sports that the Philippines can actually excel in. No height requirement only practice and a sharp eye. I'm seriously considering this sport in the future for now I'll just pretend to be Robin Hood.

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