Sunday, November 13, 2011


There comes a time that there is a movie that will just catch your attention because of its slick acting and cool premise. Drive is about a driver who moonlights as a wheelman and keeps his day job as a stuntman and mechanic.


The lead is played by Ryan Gosling. The driver, as he is called (he's got no name that's how cool he was), walks around in a white scorpion jacket as he helps crooks do what they want. All he gives them is five minutes. But his life does a full 360 once he meets, Carrie Mulligan's character and her son. He hangs out with them and gets thrown into their world. The driver is all cool and nonchalant as the world around him unfolds. He is an observer of the good and the bad that transpires around him. The driver 'drives' around the situations he is in until he is thrust head on when he gets involved with a ex-convict.

The movie has undertones that were not directly laid out. The little that is said will make you feel real tension and think about the underlying meaning of the entire movie. He tries to set things straight and decides that he no longer wants to be a wheelman but he is quickly thrown back into the fire because he wants to help the woman's husband get his life back on track. When things go wrong the driver takes things into his hands.

The movie was well though of. The shots were amazing and the soundtrack was on point as it queued on each scene, giving the movie an 80's modern vibe. I like how the driver can stay cool and calm despite the things that are happening around him. He saw the good and the bad and he is just cool with it.

Two thumbs up for Drive a must see movie.  

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