Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prepare for Bass Battle!!!

There is a point in your life where an obscure movie catches your eye simply because it is quirky and something different from the usual movies you watch. I got to see one of those movies.

It's called Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

This ultra quirky yet good movie was an adaptation of a comic book. I did not get to read the comics but I did like the movie. The comics was one of those obscure types wherein the select few got to read and enjoy them.


Back to the movie.

The movie combined geek speak mixed with video game jargon and bolstered by excellent music. I could not tell what it was trying to be as a movie but the sum of its parts made one good whole. The story was good although a bit quirky if you ask me. Scott started dating a young Asian high school girl because he was reeling from a previous relationship.

I liked how the characters played their parts very well. From the nagging sister to the gay friend who knows everything to the evil exes that Scott had to battle to gain the love he wanted.

The concept was cool especially the shifts between cartoon/comic world to the real one. he mix of fantasy and reality meshed well with the parts of the whole.

Who wouldn't want to watch fight scenes like this:

Why wouldn't you want to engage in combats like that with your arch nemesis/ex/evil brother and sister/evil maid/grumpy old person next door. The upper cut and the final bonus once you finally knock them out???

Let us go back to the story...

Yes love, the kind that makes your heart go bump-bump-bump. The movie still had the oohhhhsss and ahhhsss of young love but I like the way it ended.

The self-respect.

Two thumbs up for Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

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