Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kamera Obskura

Kamera Obskura

All of the movies I saw during the latest Cinemalaya have something to do with silence, but this time around there are no more speaking characters. Kamera Obskura is a silent film in black and white. I think the movie is about making movies. It closely follows a man stuck in a hole submerged in darkness. He then breaks out and finds a mysterious camera inside a store. Here's a full synopsis of the story.


As the movie stated, this is the first time a silent movie came out since I wasn't even born. I'm not sure if that's true but I'll believe them. I liked the layers of the movie depicting how corruption is portrayed in all levels and sectors of society. The camera that got stuck on the protagonist's had the power to shine light and eliminate corrupt or bad people. Everyone who saw what he was capable of wanted a piece of him. I liked the way the movie ended with questions and not real answers. The movie didn't really end it just cut to a scene of a dialogue among a group of people covered in shadows.


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